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 We OUR Hand of Fate. Yes we our recruiting. We our a Strong guild that believe in PVP AS LONG AS ITS HONORABLE.We have an alliance and a tier 1 city that were looking to expand. We support our members and have fun .We believe in the creed of being respectful to our members and courteous.Global be damned.IF your a troublemaker move on .Those that make us a better guild will rise in our guild and those that dont will fall by the wayside.Our GOALS not to become the BIGGEST, but to have fun and do it in grand style , we would like a tier 3 city and be ranked in the top 20
Guild News

Record setting week

emperormeiji, Jul 25, 10 12:41 AM.
We set a record for guild reknown 650k great job. This coming week we will be getting vent and be working on more reknown .Promotions took place congrats to all those that got promoted! Please invite your friends to join our guild. Were looking for all classes at the moment.The guild bank is full of items take a look and pm me ill mail em right off. Feel free to write in the forums  comment  , vote , and make suggestions. TY

new rewards system

emperormeiji, Jul 19, 10 3:23 PM.
We will be implementing a new rewards system. The top three contributors of the week will be granted 1  rank in guild leadership up to 3 the top contribrutor we will recieve 1 gold the 2nd will recieve 75 silver and the 3rd will recieve 25 silver.
There will be a new bonus system for people you get to join the guild .It is as follows for each member that you have join and stays a week or more you will recieve 25 silver you must sign in to the guild and send me a guild message as to when they joined.To get credit you must have them sign up at the official 

Limitations include a 5 gold max per mo bonus.You may win more through contest and other means.

hot days

emperormeiji, Jul 19, 10 11:46 AM.
what better time is there to play age of conan  when its a 100 degrees outside and you have air conditioning! today were working on getting reknown and gathering supplies for our fort . ive added blues to the guild bank take a look and if u want them send me a tell and if you feel generous add some coin to the guild bank .We try to send welcome packs to new members and get horses and training for our forties  cuz we remermber what its like to have to walk everywhere. have fun, be honorable and invite folks to the guild. if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to im me or leave messages on the website we will address them promptly. emperormeiji

july 17th

emperormeiji, Jul 17, 10 10:43 PM.
We did great for reknown over 512k  we set a record for our guild.We need resources like iron and duskmetal and mats to finish our fort your help would greatly be appreciated. We our growing and becoming stronger I APPRECIATE all your help. Please comments and suggestions in forums so that we might address wants, concerns and discuss ways to improve our guild. Ty

We our growing!

emperormeiji, Jul 16, 10 11:29 AM.
Today is the 16th weve added a new member Hinomi please welcome him in and  help him out as we caN. Other business im going to be adding blues to the guild bank today so pm  for items your interested in ALSO if you have blue that you cannot use and feeling like donating also pm me and we will add to bank for the use of our members.
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